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Cleaning Tips
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Is cleaning really an easy task?  The reality is, most people when cleaning their home are not efficient with how they clean thus making it a tedeous and rather daunting task.  To learn some of the methods and time saving secrets we follow at David's Cleaning Service, visit our Interactive Interior Home below and click on any of the stars for more detailed practices pertaining to that area of your home.
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Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Let the chemical do the work.  Spay your shower/tub with your chemical allowing it to attack the stain for a few minutes while you clea th mirror, vanity & toilet.  Finish by cleaning the shower/tub and soap scum should be easily wiped away as oppsed to heavy scrubbing.

Wash your bathrugs and your shower curtain atleast once a month on a gentle cycle in your washing machine using very little to no detergent.  If possible, hang out to dry or put in dryer on low setting checking it every 3-4 minutes to make sure the materials do not melt.

To have a virtually soap scum free shower - simply fill a spray bottle with 75% water 25% bleach.  After your shower, spray the walls and shower curtain down each time and be sure to close curtain so that mold does not grow.

Hairspray, toothpaste, mouthwash - not to fret!  Keep a can of premoistened wipes handy (usually right inside the cabinet under your vanity) and wipe down your sink & vanity once a night before going to bed.  That 30 seconds will make a world of difference.

To get rid of that harsh toilet ring - it is always important that you drain the toiletbowl water first so that your chemical does not become concentrated as soon as it hits the bowl.  Do this by either using a wet vac and sucking it out or by plunging it out.  Use an acidic cleaner that can be purchased at any hardware store with a non-scratching scouring pad and the stain should disappear.

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Kitchen Cleaning Tips

To clean your kitchen floors in an effective manner but still getting them clean broom sweep, vacuum, dust mop & wash.  If you follow it in those four steps, it is the best way to get your floors sparkling clean.

Only use a hint of dish soap and warm water to clean your refrigerator.  Store a box of opened baking soda in the back corner and label it with the date using a black sharpie.  The box should be replaced every 30-50 days.

Hot water and dishsoap will perform wonders on your kitchen cabinets.  Always use a clean sponge or cloth, and make sure to not get your cabinets completely saturated.

Each time you take the trash out, before replacing your trashcan with a clean liner, spray down with some lysol.  It will not only leave a fresh clean scent, it will also disinfect.

Clean your dish drainer once every two month by either washing it in the dishwasher (only if dishwasher safe), or letting it soak in the sink with hot water and a few drops of bleach (be sure to rinse well).

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Bedroom Cleaning Tips

Have allergies?  The best place in your home to keep an air purifier is in the bedroom.  Be sure to change filters when need be.

To avoid clutter with clothing and/or shoes in your bedroom, use a shoe rack & hamper.  Both great aides in keeping your space organized.

Organize your clothing in your closet based on season - it will come in handy when not only trying to find the right outfit to wear, but also when doing your laundry on a regular basis.

If you don't like making your bed everyday because the sheets are always in a wrinkle, try tucking the bottom end in.  When you wake up in the morning, making your bed will take less than a minute!

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Living Area/General Cleaning Tips

When cleaning, work left to right and top to bottom.  The first  thing you should do in a room is clean ceiling fans and remove cobwebs & the last thing you should do is vacuum.

Use mats at the entrances of your home.  Once a week shake out the mat and you will be amazed at the dirt and debris you will see that the mat has caught.

Use plastic shoebox containers to help sort and organize those little things that soemtimes get built up that becomes clutter over time.

Use the right tools and equipment while your cleaning.  Have some upbeat music on and turn off your cell phones so they don't interrupt you in the process of cleaning.  To your surprise, the time will go by faster than you think.

Microfiber is always the way to go when dusting furniture.  Spray a light coat of furniture polish onto the wood, and always clean going with the grain.  Never saturate your furniture.

Only clean glass using paper towels - they will assisnt in giving your glass a streak free shine!

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